‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Featurette Pays Homage to the Love of Aviation

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This behind-the-scenes video of Top Gun: Maverick showcases the filmmakers’ love for aviation and the lengths they’ve gone to, to give audiences the most visceral viewing experience.

Top Gun: Maverick sees the return of Tom Cruise’s popular character, Maverick, made famous after the success of 1986’s Top Gun.

Thirty-four years after the events of Top Gun, Maverick is back in the elite fighter pilot school where he made a name for himself, this time teaching a new group of Navy pilot recruits.

The new video below features interviews with producer Jerry Bruckheimer, director Joseph Kosinski and the lead man himself, Tom Cruise, as they talk about the technology used in the film to capture the most authentic fighter-pilot cockpit experience.

They’ve added six IMAX-quality cameras in each of the fighter jets and have placed all of the actor’s in the pilot seat, capturing the full effect of the G-force on them.

Being a Tom Cruise film, it makes sense that he wants to give the audience the most authentic viewing experience, and bar flying the plane himself (they have world-class pilots doing that), this is as close as it gets.

We recently received the film’s official trailer which highlighted a lot of the aerial antics in the film but didn’t give away any finer plot details.

It did, however, almost seem like a simple re-imagining of the original Top Gun film, though if nothing else, we can expect it to be a fun ride and one that pays tribute to aviation.

Maverick arrives in cinemas on 25 June 2020.

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