Janks Interviews ‘Sweet River’ Horror Movie Director Justin McMillan

horror movie sweet river

Janks chats with Justin McMillan, the Australian director of the psychological horror movie Sweet River, streaming now on Netflix.

The new Australian psychological horror movie Sweet River tells the story of a woman who lost her son at the hands of a serial killer, and after learning of the killer’s demise, decides to go back to the town where the tragedy happened to continue the stalled investigation and attempt to find her son’s body.

Sweet River is a haunting look at the experience of grief and how people cope with it, as well as a chilling supernatural mystery.

It’s a thought-provoking horror that will please fans of the genre, especially those that enjoy slow-burn, visceral experiences that keep you guessing.

To add to the already unsettling themes, the film is set on the sweeping cane fields of a rural town which adds an atmospheric horror element and features some stunning cinematography.

Sweet River stars Lisa Kay, Martin Sacks, and Rob Carlton, and is streaming on Netflix now.

In the video below, Janks chats with Australian director Justin McMillan and covers topics such as Justin’s inspiration behind the film’s story, Netflix’s involvement, the challenges involved in going from documentary filmmaking to narrative filmmaking, and more.

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