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kidnap movie review halle berry

The Netflix Original film Kidnap starring Halle Berry tells the story of a single mother whose only child is kidnapped – cue a lot of high speed car chase scenes and a new action classic may have been born.

Kidnap has been on Netflix for nearly four months now and has received mixed reviews, with some reviewers applauding Berry’s acting and some criticising the film for being too simplistic.

I felt the film was simple and engaging, which works well in the genre of action films that do not always need to be intricately designed as much as they need to be filled with enough action and plot, while keeping the viewer entertained.

The film is directed by Spanish director Luis Prieto and is produced by and stars Halle Berry as single mother Karla, whose young son Frankie (Sage Correa) is kidnapped at their local park by a deranged couple.

Kidnap primarily focuses on the car chase that follows every parent’s worst nightmare; seeing your child being dragged into a car of a stranger with sinister intent. The film focuses on this car chase, then becomes gradually more intense as Karla goes to any measure to find her son. One of the best qualities of the film is that it doesn’t take place over a timeframe of days or weeks, but in the length of one day, allowing the viewer to follow the events as they unfold in real time.

kidnap netflix movie

The film also does an excellent job in the beginning, setting the perfect scene when Frankie first goes missing to create a performance by Berry where you feel the anxiety of the situation as the story unfolds.

This also created a thriller/action film that is fast paced and isn’t weighed down with mundane scenes or carefully thought-out plots; it may be simplistic but it is effective in creating suspense.

Halle Berry is yet another celebrity that has become part of Netflix’s growing family of actors and actresses utilising the success of Netflix Originals and portrays her character Karla well, capturing the panic of a mother in distress perfectly.

Overall the film provides a satisfying and not-too-complex story which has a fast and engaging plot along with a believable performance from Berry; definitely worthy of a place in your next binge-watching line up.

Fun Fact:

Was initially going to be released on October 9, 2015, but was pushed back 5 times due to the studio going bankrupt, and was eventually released in August of 2017.
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