‘Kong: Skull Island’ Honest Trailer with Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts

kong skull island Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts weighs in on what went wrong in his film Kong: Skull Island, in this unusual Honest Trailer for this 2017 monster-movie.

The Honest Trailers team regularly team up with industry professionals to produce original content for their YouTube channel, however I believe this is the first time a director of a movie has written commentary on the negative aspects of their own film.

The trailer also plays up the recent drama surrounding Vogt-Roberts and his tirade over the YouTube video CinemaSins made, bashing his film.

That tirade made the director look like he couldn’t take any criticism for his artistic work, which is a poor attribute to have as an artist, as criticism comes with territory.

Whether or not the criticism is valid or not is a mostly mute point, as the artist should be able to accept that their will be people that like their work, and others that won’t, and what they say should not really matter.

However it’s good to see him in this video, showing us that he can take a joke and can take criticism, for the most part.

The Honest Trailer and Jordan Vogt-Roberts both pick out several negative aspects of the film, making for an amusing video.

As mentioned in the trailer, this is a monster-movie-blockbuster after all, so you can’t really be concerned with trying to fill in any missed plot points, continuity errors or lack of character development.

Kong: Skull Island is a pure popcorn-blockbuster film, and should be enjoyed for the spectacle it provides, as it’s not a film worth trying to dissect.

I enjoyed the film, and you can check out my review here.

What did you think of this movie, and of directors taking criticism to heart?

Let us know in the comments below.

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