‘Suicide Squad’ – It’s Good To Be Bad Featurette


Check out a cool new featurette for Suicide Squad starring Margot Robbie – a movie about bad vs evil as opposed to the classic good vs evil.

The video features the director and cast of Suicide Squad talking about the making of the film, including the rigorous training and physicality involved in bringing the action sequences to life.

It was surprising to see just how much the actors themselves were involved in the action choreography, rather than the use of a stunt double shot from behind, or angles where you don’t see the actor’s faces.

They also touch upon how close the actors became during filming, essentially becoming a real ‘squad’, which they believe helps the film.

Suicide Squad has had a massive amount of marketing in the lead up to it’s release and it does look great, but when a film gets so much coverage before its release, there’s always a chance you can walk out disappointed if the movie doesn’t live up to the hype.

We’ll find out soon enough when Suicide Squad releases on August 4 in Australian cinemas.


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