Is ‘Notting Hill’ Actor Hugh Grant Getting Better with Age?

One of the sometimes unfortunate factors of becoming a successful actor is that fame will likely ensue.

This can have all sorts of negative implications ranging from addictions to depression, to money issues, as well as relationship breakdowns.

Sometimes, when a person experiences a great deal of success and fame something far less sinister can occur, and this is a string of mediocre films.

It seems to be that when it comes to film stars, we will either see our favourite artists become burned out from fame, give up acting altogether or participate in a slew of ‘just okay’ films.

Having said this, when we are really lucky, we get to see our favourite stars live out a long and colourful career filled to the brim with rich and memorable performances.

One example, of this I believe, is the Notting Hill (1999) actor Hugh Grant.

This may seem like an odd choice to focus upon at first, but ever since enjoying his portrayal in Florence Foster Jenkins back in 2016, I can’t get the idea out of my head that perhaps what we will get to see from Hugh Grant from now on will be nothing short of excellent.

Rom-Com Poster Boy Turned Character Actor

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When most people think of Hugh Grant they think of movies such as Notting Hill or Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001).

While there is nothing wrong with these films (in fact as far as romantic comedies go, these could be considered classics), one could begin to wonder how much Grant is acting and how much he is simply playing a resemblance of himself.

In a recent video on YouTube where Grant breaks down the pivotal roles of his career, he too professes that he was “doing it the same” for many of his films ranging from Sense and Sensibility (1995) to Love Actually (2003).

Now, this isn’t unusual for handsome actors to become typecast and many will struggle to find roles that don’t involve them simply being eye candy (the Hemsworth brothers come to mind here).

This certainly seemed to be the way Grant’s career was going until he starred in About a Boy back in 2002.

While this movie is still in the realm of romantic/drama-centric comedies, we also get to see a more unpolished version of Grant that gives us a hint that there is something else that he can offer us apart from a heartthrob.

Florence Foster Jenkins and A Very English Scandal

Co-starring alongside the great Meryl Streep is no easy feat, however, Grant manages to pull this off in Florence Foster Jenkins.

He plays a doting husband of a socialite heiress who believes she is a fantastic singer when in reality she is terrible.

This flick is not only based on a true story but was also, for me, the first time watching a film featuring Hugh Grant that didn’t feel like it starred Hugh Grant.

I feel that he managed to embody the character completely, which made his performances even more enjoyable to watch.

Jump to 2018 and we are now seeing Grant star in a British mini-series called A Very English Scandal.

The story follows politician Jeremy Thorp (Grant), who secretly participates in sexual encounters with men.

While this isn’t the first time Grant has played a gay role, upon watching the trailer, Hugh Grant is once again nowhere to be seen.

It seems, that taking a few breaks from making films as well as entering his fifties has allowed Grant to shed his pretty-boy roles and to dive into some great characters who needed to be shared with the world.

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