Disney Introduces New Talking Gorilla in ‘The One and Only Ivan’ Trailer

The One and Only Ivan movie trailer

Scheduled for release exclusively on Disney Plus, the adaptation of the popular kids’ book, The One and Only Ivan, looks like classic, wholesome Disney programming.

The One and Only Ivan follows the story of Ivan (Sam Rockwell), a gorilla living in a mall alongside an elephant named Stella (Angelina Jolie) and a dog named Bob (Danny DeVito), with no memory of how they ended up there.

Held in captivity for the amusement of the mall’s customers, Ivan and his friends hatch a plan to escape while uncovering their pasts.

The film is based on the popular 2012 children’s book of the same name by author K. A. Applegate and features an inspiring coming-of-age story that revolves around family and friendship.

The live-action talking animals have at this point become standard for modern Disney films, following the popular adaptations of The Jungle Book (2016) and The Lion King (2019), and The One and Only Ivan features plenty of it with some impressive visual effects.

Fans can expect a heartwarming film that’s suitable for the entire family when it arrives exclusively to Disney Plus on 14 August 2020.

Joining Sam Rockwell, Angelina Jolie and Danny DeVito in supporting voice roles are Helen Mirren, Brooklynn Prince, Ramón Rodríguez, Ariana Greenblatt, and Bryan Cranston as mall owner, Mack.

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