Funny Honest Trailer for James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’


In honour of the recent release of Alien: Covenant comes the hilarious Honest Trailer for James Cameron’s hit film Aliens (1986).

Watching this Honest Trailer makes me wish James Cameron had directed Alien: Covenant instead, mirroring the original combination of Ridley Scott/James Cameron directing the first two Alien films all those decades ago.

Such a surreal occurrence would of course have been too good to be true, and Ridley Scott did a good job with Covenant (see my review here), so no complaints there.

Some of the things the Honest Trailer team make fun of in this film include the focus on loud noises and explosions, and the incompetent cast of supporting characters in the film.

The supporting characters in this film make the ones in Prometheus (2012) look like geniuses, and that was one of the biggest complaints about that film from fans – that the supporting characters were just too ridiculous for the film – yet Cameron’s Aliens is a highly regarded sci-fi film, as opposed to the heavy criticism received for Prometheus – go figure.

Either way I thought both movies were great, and you really can’t top any film by James Cameron when it comes to pure entertainment value, no matter how much fun you can make of his films.

Check out the funny trailer below.

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