Video Shows how David Fincher Captures Movement to Hijack Your Eyes

David Fincher directing style

David Fincher has built a truly great Hollywood directing career with an unrivalled, unique style, which is explored in the video, ‘How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes’.

The team over at Nerdwriter1 on YouTube have analyzed a particular trait of David Fincher’s directing style in the video below; a trait that gives the director a unique edge over his contemporaries.

It reveals how Fincher uses the camera to follow the behavior of the character/s he’s filming, ultimately ‘hijacking’ the audience’s eyes and absorbing them into the character’s world.

Fincher’s methods aren’t new, as he uses simple camera movements like pans, tilts, and tracking shots at various speeds and angles to capture his subject, with consistent use providing a more immersive viewing experience for the audience.

It’s a technique that you may not have noticed until now, which is a testament to the director as he utilizes it so flawlessly.

It’s helped him gain recognition in Hollywood as one of the best in the business, having directed some outstanding films like The Social Network (2010), Zodiac (2007), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008), Fight Club (1999), and Se7en (1995).

Recently, he directed the iconic TV show House of Cards (2013-18) for Netflix, along with the fan-favorite series Mindhunter (2017-19).

Fincher’s directing style continues to captivate audiences and you’ll see one reason why in the video below.

You can check out his latest film Mank (2020) on Netflix.

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