‘Alone Together’ SXSW Review – Artists Gotta Make Art Even in Lockdown

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The pandemic has affected every one of us, including the pop phenomenon Charli XCX, whose documentary, Alone Together, was made in isolation.

The pandemic was something nobody could have predicted and has made our lives more complicated and more stressful. Isolation has made us irritate our deep feelings of loneliness and has withheld our human interactions with others.

Charli XCX is a famous singer/songwriter recognised for multiple hits like ‘Boys’, ‘Gone’, ‘Vroom Vroom’, and many more. Like many artists, her way of coping with pessimistic thoughts is by indulging in her creative state. It can be by touring, writing new songs, being in the studio, and even interacting with her Angels (her fanbase), who love her dearly.

Days went, and days passed with nothing to do and with a feeling of gloomy loneliness down your spine. Instead of going to a depressive state of stress and frustration, like most of us, Charli decided to create a new album inside her home in five weeks and document the process of its making. But she couldn’t do it alone, so she asked her Angels for help. They gave her advice on lyrics and beat selections and made artworks and remixes of her songs and demos.

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Most music documentaries show the director’s admiration of the band or artist they are documenting, but this one is different. Although her fans praise her, Charli too praises and admires her fans. Through Instagram-lives and Zoom chats, she talks to them about music and their state of mind and how this event has impacted their lives. It is rare to see a fanbase have that much appreciation for an artist and that same appreciation given back to them by the artist they love.

Alone Together is short (with a runtime of only 67 minutes), at times offbeat, but fun and dazzling. It has a unique personality and aesthetic with a fan-influenced touch. It shows a portrait of tackling a music career in the midst of trying to maintain your mental health. Charli takes us into her life, both personal and music-wise, with honesty and earnestness. Even if you are not a fan of Charli XCX’s music, you will cherish the message that this documentary film is trying to bring.

Alone Together is the perfect title for our current lives. Although these present times are hard, Charli and her Angels find ways to cope. While alone in their rooms, they are together at heart, making the final product an album and a documentary they will never forget.

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