Funky Tribute Video Showcases Dancing in Movies

pulp fiction dancing

This recently released tribute video showcases a collection of dancing scenes from a variety of movies over the last few decades, in an ode to one of cinema’s more popular motifs.

The video popped up on Digg earlier today and comes from Vimeo user Diego Carrera (who also has a great History of Horror video on his page).

The Dancing Movies video celebrates the history of dancing in films, set to the funky track Night Moves, by the artist Roosevelt.

The video features over 100 movies, from classics such as The Wizard of Oz (1939) and The Sound of Music (1965) to more modern music/dance-themed films like Billy Elliot (2000), Chicago (2002) and La La Land (2016).

A good song and dance number can always lighten the mood in a film, even quirky ultra-violent ones like Pulp Fiction (1994).

It can also add to the impending dread of some disturbing films, like Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan (2010).

A good soundtrack can elevate a poor film, and make a great one even greater.

Throw in some memorable dance choreography, such as in the likes of Grease (1978) and you’re sure to be in for a good time.

Get your dancing shoes out and check out the video below!

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