Hilarious Honest Trailer for ‘Tiger King’ – Never Go Full Joe Exotic

tiger king joe exotic

The hit Netflix series Tiger King gets the Honest Trailers treatment as the show and its characters, led by the flamboyant Joe Exotic are torn apart in hilarious fashion.

The true-crime/comedy series Tiger King hit Netflix in late March 2020 and quickly became a huge success.

It follows the exploits of Joe Exotic – a redneck tiger breeder with a penchant for writing, recording, and ‘singing’ original music as well as having multiple husbands.

That’s on top of his budding political and entertainment career, and rivalry with Carole Baskin, a fellow big cat aficionado, who would end up consuming Joe Exotic’s thoughts.

Exotic’s hatred for Baskin would see him get involved with some suspect characters and enter criminal territory.

Baskin is purportedly no saint either, however, with a rumor going around that she had, allegedly, killed her long-lost former husband who vanished many years prior.

The above details just scratch the surface of what Tiger King is all about, as there are several other colorful characters that play a part in Exotic’s journey, and many, many, many WTF moments.

And despite being categorized as true-crime, the show is hilarious, with real-life characters that you couldn’t dream up if you tried.

The Honest Trailers team has given the show its own funny trailer and they’ve left no stone unturned in poking fun at every aspect of it.

Fans of Tiger King will be reminded of the absurdity of the show in a way that may not have been as evident while watching it.

Check out the Honest Trailer below and if you haven’t seen it already, check out Tiger King on Netflix here!

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