Film Meets Art – A Look at Films Inspired by Historical Art – Video


Check out these awesome videos that show us how filmmakers have used historical art as inspiration for imagery in their own films.

Watching these videos make you wonder whether any truly original art in film even exists any more.

They’re also a good indication of seeing just how much the art in film borrows from the classic format, and for how long it’s been going on for.

Different art forms tend to borrow from each other on a regular basis, from classic paintings, to film, to music, to the written word, each art form inspires another in future works.

Where does that leave the current state of art in film though?

Filmmakers will often reference other works of art from various mediums to use in their own work, which begs the question, who is making original pieces of art in the film world, and is it even an issue that filmmakers are borrowing from other mediums and re-interpreting it for their own purposes?

I think it’s fair to say that as long as a filmmaker uses their piece of inspiration in context to their own original work, then there aren’t really any issues, as this is a typical cycle that will not likely end any time soon.

It may seem virtually impossible to do so in modern filmmaking, but we could stand to see some new visionaries come out with some purely original work, though it’s not an easy task.

The video’s come to us from Vimeo user Vugar Efendi, who has a nice library of videos on their page, all related to film.

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