‘Doctor Strange’ – Honest Trailer

doctor strange honest trailer

The standout Marvel film of 2016 gets the latest Honest Trailer treatment, highlighting some of the film’s flaws in hilarious fashion.

The Screen Junkies crew comedically tear the film apart, focusing on its negative aspects such as its similarities to 2008’s Iron Man, and the use of its dazzling effects as a distraction to the fact that the film is full of medical and magical mumbo-jumbo, amongst other things.

I enjoyed Doctor Strange thoroughly (see my review here) so I was able to look past most of its flaws, however seeing this Honest Trailer has made me question my own opinion of the film a bit.

For all its flaws, you can’t argue that the film isn’t entertaining though, which is all we can expect from a Marvel film these days.

The film excelled in many aspects as well, with its great casting and effects that pushed the boundaries, giving it a fresh feel for a new Marvel film.

Check out the Honest Trailer below and click through to the Screen Junkies Youtube channel for more.

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