DC Developing New Joker Movie with Impressive Team

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DC is expanding their film universe by developing a new origin story film for one of its most beloved villains, the Joker.

But just wait til you hear who is on board the executive team developing this one.

Collider today reported that none other than Martin Scorsese will be attached to produce the film, with Todd Phillips to direct, and Scott Silver to write.

There’s no need to mention Scorsese’s past accolades and contribution to the world of film, though for those unfamiliar with Phillips or Silver should know that they are more than capable of handling such a coveted property as this.

Phillips has directed many a comedy classic, including one of my personal favourites Old School (2003), along with The Hangover (2009-2013) trilogy, and more recently, War Dogs (2016 – see my review here).

Scott Silver on the other hand is best known for writing 8 Mile (2002) and The Fighter (2010) – both very impressive dramatic films.

So we have an effective hard-drama writer, teamed up with one of the best working comedy directors, under the guidance of one of the greatest talents Hollywood has ever seen.

If that isn’t a recipe for success then I don’t know what is.

Furthermore, the film is expected to kick off a new branch of DC’s extended film universe, and the rumour is that the film will be a hard-boiled, 80’s crime film, not unlike Scorsese’s own Taxi Driver (1976), Raging Bull (1980) or The King Of Comedy (1982).

Unfortunately, Jared Leto is not set to reprise his role as Joker in this one, however he is apparently on board to feature in the Suicide Squad (2016 – see my review heresequel, as well as the Joker and Harley Quinn spinoff film.

His performance in Suicide Squad split audiences, but I believe he did a fantastic job, and even though we may not see him in this Joker standalone film, it’s good that he’s coming back to the role in some capacity before then.

Let us know your thoughts on this news in the comments below, as well as who you would cast as the new Joker.

Source: Collider

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