‘Damsel’ Review: Nostalgic Therapy for 90s Kids

damsel movie review

Netflix’s Damsel, led by Millie Bobby Brown, is a refreshing fantasy addition to the genre that seems to be increasingly forgotten as the years go by.

In the 2000s, screen tales about other realms were quite popular, including obvious examples such as The Lord of the Rings (2001-03) and others that were not that famous yet still loved by the masses, like Stardust (2007) or Inkheart (2008).

Nowadays, narratives like this get less attention – noble kings and queens fighting dragons are not the stories people tell much. And now, after a long time, someone finally puts out a movie reminding us that the magic is still there.

Damsel is not unique plot-wise and does not display any innovation—all the tools used in the movie we had seen before, but the familiarity we face when watching it creates a sweet sense of nostalgia. All aspects of the film do well—excellent costume design, believable performances, and convincing CGI create a pleasant atmosphere and fully let us experience the enchanting world.

The movie also gives us a strong female protagonist who perfectly highlights the essence of powerful women, making us root for Brown’s character throughout the plot, applaud her when she wins, and get upset when she loses. We suddenly become kids watching a fairytale about a princess who now has to act like a warrior and enjoy every moment instead of conducting a deep analysis of our emotions or the narrative itself.

Sometimes, it is not only about the story, especially when the story is quite simple and even cliche. Sometimes, it is about what we experience internally, and movies like this will always remind us there is still hope in a world full of darkness.

Fun Fact:

Although placed on a fictional land with no religion fixed, wardrobe and jewellery mix the Elizabethan period with Catholic symbols and morale.

Netflix's Damsel is a refreshing fantasy addition to the genre that seems to be increasingly forgotten as the years go by.
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