‘Child’s Play’ – “Bringing Chucky to Life” Behind the Scenes Video

making of childs play

The team behind Child’s Play give us a look at what’s involved in making the murderous, evil doll Chucky come to life.

With the over-abundance of CGI found in movies today, it’s always great to see the use of practical effects and the Child’s Play team aim to not disappoint there.

The iconic killer-doll Chucky is brought to life, for the most part, with the use of animatronic puppets in the new film.

The filmmakers could have gone the easier route and opted to have him created purely digitally, but instead, have chosen to give the doll a real-world feel with the practical method.

A team of puppeteers were involved in creating Chucky, mobilizing the doll through a robotic skeleton and giving him various facial expressions.

All of which should make for an authentic looking doll that is the stuff of kids’ and potentially adults’ nightmares.

Chucky burst onto the scene in 1988’s Child’s Play and became an instant horror-movie icon, holding his own with the likes of Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers.

The original series spawned several (forgettable) sequels and the 2019 reboot looks to expand on the Chucky mythology by making him an internet-connected child’s toy in keeping with the modern world.

Check out the cool behind-the-scenes video below and see the film’s trailer here if you haven’t already.

It hits cinemas on 20 June 2019.

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