Cool ‘Rogue One’ Stop Motion Video and New Droid


Check out this clever marketing video to introduce the new Rogue One toy line as well as a cool new, but familiar looking droid that was revealed.

The Rogue One team have come up with a unique way to market the new toy line for the film by collaborating with stop motion animators to create a short film based in the Rogue One timeline, using their new toys.

It’s part of a global competition which which encourages fans to create their own short films that tell their unique ‘Rogue One Stories’.

The winner of that contest will get the opportunity to attend a special screening of Rogue One as well as have their short film screened on the big screen.

Check out the cool video below and click on the source link to view the specific details of the contest, as well as to view more images from the upcoming toy line, which releases on September 2.

Furthermore, a new droid was revealed today on the official Star Wars Show.

The droid, known as the Imperial astromech droid C2-B5, will feature in Rogue One and if you think it looks familiar, well it’s because it’s the same class of droid as the beloved R2-D2 – however on the evil side.

The droid looks virtually identical to R2-D2, but it’s all in black (and looks way cooler).

There’s obviously no word on what the new droid’s role will be in the film, but it seems to me like it was just added to sell more toys – like which Star Wars fan wouldn’t want one of those droids to add to their memorabilia collection!

In any case, we’ll find out once the hotly anticipated film graces our screens on 15 December 2016.

Check out C2-B5 below.


Source: Geek Tyrant

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