‘The Mandalorian’ Behind-the-Scenes Video Showcases its Virtual Sets

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Disney’s The Mandalorian TV show is one of the first major productions to use virtual sets over green screen with great benefit to its cast and crew.

It looks as though the days of inserting VFX via green screen are almost over with the introduction of virtual sets as used in the hugely popular Disney Plus series, The Mandalorian.

Virtual sets comprise of wall-to-wall LED’s that run on the Unreal video game engine, allowing filmmakers to build landscapes that actors can actually see, as opposed to acting in front of a green screen and then having the landscape added in post-production.

Not only does this give the actors visual feedback, allowing them to properly immerse themselves in the environment, but from a technical standpoint, virtual sets offer lighting advantages over green screen, landscapes can be manipulated on the fly, and DOP’s can make better framing decisions.

On top of that, virtual sets can often be cheaper than green screens.

We can see from the in-depth video below from Insider just how successfully it was used for The Mandalorian, and I can only imagine that other big scale productions will be taking this new method on-board in the near future.

The virtual set technology makes the green screen look dated in comparison, and we can thank The Mandalorian showrunner and film director Jon Favreau for championing the technology.

Check out the tech in more detail in the video below for a glimpse into the future of filmmaking.

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