Hilarious Honest Trailer for John Travolta Crime Movie ‘Gotti’

john travolta gotti

The disaster of a film that was Gotti starring John Travolta about New York crime boss John Gotti gets a funny Honest Trailers treatment.

The film tells the story of one of New York’s most infamous crime bosses, John Gotti, of the Gambino crime family.

In the film, Gotti comes back from the dead to retell his story, as a younger Gotti tells his son his story, while all those around him also tell his story.

You’ll understand what I mean when you watch the Honest Trailer below.

It’s just the introduction to many hilarious anecdotes about the negative aspects of the film, especially the comparisons between it and the Scorsese classic Goodfellas (1990).

Directed by Kevin Connolly (‘E’ from Entourage), the film released in 2018 with little to no fanfare and was destroyed by the critics.

It featured every cliche in the mafia-movie book, with a script that put me to sleep.

Its only redeeming quality, in my opinion, was John Travolta’s performance.

Sure it’s cheesy as anything, but you can tell Travolta gave it his all for a commendable performance.

Had he had a better screenplay to work with and a more capable director, he may have at least won some critics over.

Whether or not you’ve seen the film, the Honest Trailer is still funny, especially if you’re a mafia-film fan.

Check it out below!

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