‘Finding Dory’ Trailer Recut as a Thriller

finding dory

The beloved kids film Finding Dory gets a trailer mix, being recut as a thriller about a small fish who forgets who they are.

You’ve got to love these trailer mix’s when they’re done right, and in the case with this film, it was.

Most people know of Pixar’s recent film Finding Dory, as the colourful follow-up to the classic animation, Finding Nemo.

The team over at CineFix have recently recut the film’s trailer to look like a thriller and it works really well.

You can imagine how the premise about a tiny fish trapped in the a vast, scary ocean with no memory of who they are could make for a dark thriller.

It’s a far cry from the original film, which of course does have a similar premise, but is managed in a much more lighthearted tone.

Finding Dory was released earlier this year to universal praise by fans and critics, and went on to score huge at the box office.

Check out the new trailer mix below, and you can check out Tina’s review of the film here.

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