The Coen Brothers ‘Easy Driver’ Commercial for Mercedes

coen brothers

The Coen Brothers recently directed a commercial for the new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, in an homage to one of the best road-movies of all time, Easy Rider (1969).

Joel and Ethan Coen have been a huge force in Hollywood over the last 30 years, having directed genuine classic and cult-classic films that include No Country for Old Men (2007), The Big Lebowski (1998), Fargo (1997) and Miller’s Crossing (1990).

They recently directed a commercial for Mercedes Benz, in an effort to showcase the luxury carmaker’s latest vehicle, the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster.

The commercial features a group of bikies at their clubhouse, when they get blocked out from leaving by a particular classic Hollywood film star.

There is a big tribute paid to the film Easy Rider (1969) here, which is the quintessential American road-trip movie, and one of the great classic films of cinematic history.

I guess they’re trying to suggest that driving this new Mercedes will give you that similar lifestyle experience, and the same type of freedom you’d gain if you’d journeyed across America on two wheels.

It’s a cool little commercial that says a lot in a short amount of time, while paying tribute to one of Hollywood’s best films and actors, check it out below.

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