‘Boss Level’ Review – A Quick-Witted Time-Loop Death-Fest

boss level movie review

Boss Level is an action/sci-fi film from the mind of Joe Carnahan, best known for Smoking Aces (2006) and The A-Team (2010).

Combining a mild homage to classic 80’s video games with a commentary style of storytelling, Boss Level would have even our favourite ‘Merc With a Mouth’ on his toes!

Boss Level centres around retired military operative Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo), as he tries to solve the mystery of his death within one day that is forever looping over. Roy has memorised his day-to-day schedule like the back of his hand. From dodging a machete-wielding mad man that graces him every morning like an alarm clock to having his head chopped off each night by the Dao-wielding narcissist, Guan-Yin (Selina Lo). Roy knows back-to-front what fate will befall him every day and becomes determined to find out why this is happening to him.

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Boss Level manages to straddle a fine line when it comes to its over-the-top-action sequences. From swords wielded over dramatised beheadings to fourth-wall-breaking gunshot wounds to the head, the slapstick style of physical comedy is definitely an entertaining addition to the action genre. With how the protagonist encounters and overcomes his combative and narrative setbacks, it’s hard not to compare the film’s flow of action scenes to Deadpool (2016). Thankfully the quick-witted post-death humour littered throughout the film manages to not feel forced but borders on overused (looking at you Guan-Yin!).

Roy’s bachelor lifestyle will lead him on a journey to find out what is truly important to him in life and reveal the errors of his ways. Boss Level is an entertaining tale of violence, love, and video games, with the perfect number of video game references (zero because we all know those never do well). Boss Level is good enough to pique the audience’s interest and provide a few giggles along the way with its physical comedy but won’t have people flocking to cinemas any time soon.

Fun Fact:

Mel Gibson’s second film with Frank Grillo after Edge of Darkness (2010).

Boss Level
Entertainment Value
Directed By
Joe Carnahan
Frank Grillo
Mel Gibson
Annabelle Wallis
Naomi Watts
Michelle Yeoh
Ken Jeong
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