New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Video Clip – “Prologue: Last Supper”

alien covenant prologue

A new video has been released for the upcoming Alien: Covenant which features the cast of the film in a prologue scene before things start getting bad.

The clip titled “Prologue: Last Supper” features the primary characters of the film having a final celebratory drink before entering deep sleep in their mission to scour and inhabit a new planet they’ve discovered.

This is all set before the inevitable horrific events are set to take place, those of which include a bloodthirsty Alien, that will more than likely end up killing most of the crew you’ll see in the video by the film’s end.

It’s a cool clip that gives a short insight into some of the key characters, while also teasing a sense of dread that will likely be featured in the film.

It’s a lighthearted clip, with only a hint of terror thrown in for good measure.

With a cast that includes Danny McBride and James Franco, it almost seems like there will be a fair bit of humour in this film which seems strange.

However they’re probably in this film to play the archetypal jokers in the ensemble cast that also includes Katherine Waterston, Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup, Guy Pearce and Noomi Rapace.

Alien: Covenant is Ridley Scott’s followup to his film Prometheus (2012), which itself was a prologue to the events that took place in his seminal work Alien (1979).

It looks like Covenant will throwback to the style Scott created in the first Alien film, which should make for some entertaining horror-viewing.

The film hits Australian cinemas on 18 May 2017, check out the video below.

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