Tom Hanks Crashes Wedding in Central Park – Video


A couple was surprised by none other than the famous actor Tom Hanks during a photoshoot on a very special occasion, their wedding day.

The video below by wedding videographers First Day Films shows the actor approaching the newlyweds while on a casual stroll through the park, much to the delight of the couple in question, Ryan and Elizabeth.

This would have been a moment to remember for the couple, and good on the actor for taking the time to meet them and take a few photos with them, making what’s probably the most important day of their lives that much more memorable.

The cynics out there might look at this and say it was a publicity stunt by the actor, though it doesn’t feel like one after seeing the video, as it all looked pretty spontaneous.

But even if it was, you can’t deny the good graces of Hanks, taking some time out of his day to please some fans.

The actor was most recently seen in the film Sully, based on the true event where Captain Chesley Sullenberger was forced to land his plane on New York’s Hudson river, dubbed the Miracle on the Hudson (see my review here).

He can next be seen in the film Inferno, based on the Dan Brown novel of the same name which releases in Australian cinemas on October 13.

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