‘Mister Organ’ Review: A Masterful Descent into the Depths of Human Manipulation

mister organ documentary

David Farrier’s documentary, Mister Organ, transcends the traditional true-crime genre, plunging viewers into the unsettling orbit of Michael Organ, a figure cloaked in charm yet harbouring a disturbing reality.

In this documentary film, Farrier’s pursuit of a brazen car clamper unravels a twisted truth, exposing a cunning deceiver who leaves a trail of devastation in his wake.

The film’s undeniable strength lies in its unsettling protagonist, Michael Organ. His cunning manipulations and seemingly bottomless capacity for deceit are genuinely unnerving, prompting viewers to confront the existence of such individuals within our society. Farrier’s decision to embed himself deeply within Organ’s life adds a captivating yet ethically complex meta-narrative, blurring the lines between documentarian and victim.

This unique approach further emphasises the film’s exploration of power dynamics and the potential dangers inherent in investigative journalism. While moments of emotional manipulation are employed within the film, they ultimately underscore the disturbing subject matter.

Pacing sometimes falters, particularly in the midsection, but only partially detracts from the chilling narrative core. Farrier’s masterful blend of interview footage, hidden camera recordings, and legal documents paints a meticulous and unsettling portrait of Organ and his disturbing reality.

The film’s payoff is arguably its most vital element. After delving into Organ’s manipulative world, the shocking culmination provides a satisfying resolution and reinforces the film’s central themes.

Mister Organ is not for the faint of heart, offering a stark and unsettling glimpse into the darkest corners of human behaviour. For viewers seeking a thought-provoking documentary that transcends genre conventions, this is a film worth experiencing.

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Mister Organ
While moments of pacing inconsistency and melodramatic flourishes exist, the film ultimately excels as a masterfully crafted exploration of manipulation, power dynamics, and the blurred lines between filmmaker and subject.
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