‘Civil War’ Review: Just One More Shot

civil war review

In Civil War, the audience is thrust into a whirlwind of conflict that keeps them on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

This dystopian action film is a gripping journey into the heart of a fractured America, where the lines between duty and danger blur for a group of brave photojournalists. Their mission to document the truth of a nation torn by conflict is both a testament to their courage and a reflection on the sometimes bewildering drive to capture that one perfect shot, regardless of the peril involved.

The film’s intensity is relentless, drawing the viewer into a pace that mirrors the unpredictability of war itself. It’s this tension that grips the audience, ensuring that the experience of watching is as immersive as it is thought-provoking. The depiction of the horrors of war, as seen through the lenses of those tasked with bearing witness, serves as a narrative device and a poignant reminder of the real-world conflicts that continue to shape our global landscape.

However, Civil War isn’t without its ambiguities. The film’s approach to its warring factions could have benefited from further exposition to help audiences understand the root causes and motivations behind the conflict. This lack of clarity occasionally leaves viewers piecing together the broader political landscape, which can distract from the personal stories at its heart. Alex Garland has used this method, for better or worse, to focus on the human experience of war rather than the political machinations that fuel it.

The film excels in its audio and visuals, with stunning cinematography capturing the beauty and devastation of its setting. The score, featuring a mix of haunting melodies and jarring, very specific popular music, serves as the perfect backdrop to the unfolding drama, enhancing the emotional resonance of the film’s most poignant moments.

The ensemble cast delivers compelling performances, bringing depth and humanity to their roles. The characters, though not explored in exhaustive detail, are sketched with enough nuance to make their struggles and triumphs resonate. Their journey is one of courage, fear, and the endless pursuit of truth, painting as they chase that elusive perfect snapshot, whatever the cost.

Civil War is a film that challenges and delights, offering a visceral look at the complexities of conflict and the human spirit’s capacity for resilience. Its narrative may tread through familiar thematic territories such as the cost of truth, but it does so with a fresh lens, literally and figuratively. It’s a cinematic journey that, despite its fictional premise, prompts reflection on our own world’s divisions.

Fun Fact:

Costing $50 million, this is A24’s most expensive film, surpassing Beau Is Afraid (2023), at $35 million.

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Civil War
Civil War is an intense, visceral experience journalling a not-so-United States from those closest to the action.
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