Bad 90’s CGI Effects Movie Mashup Video

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The video showcases a mashup of terrible CGI effects from popular 90’s movies; a time when computer animated visual effects were just starting to take off.

The funny video features some of the most popular films of the 90’s (but also some less popular ones) and the crappy effects that were used in them.

Looking back at them now it’s hard to deny just how terrible they looked, but the funny part is that at the time, they seemed fine – and impressive.

Two more shocking things that must be mentioned – the first being that 20 or so years later (aka today), while the CGI effects have improved in leaps and bounds – there are still some films with terrible CGI.

It’s fair to say though that no matter how much the technology improves, there will always be some films that will just miss the mark, be it by budgetary constraints or just poor creative choices.

The other point is about the future.

In 20 years from now, will we look back at the most amazing CGI effects of the modern day and cringe at just how bad they looked?

My guess is we will, especially when you consider some effects in modern films make us cringe already.

We can only hope filmmakers and studios are able to reflect and learn from past mistakes (and budget accordingly), as we move forward into a future where we must assume that there will be more and more CGI in films.

Source: DIGG by way of Diane Bullock

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